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No.56 – finished 19-Jul-2012 – Another interesting piece from the Knight’s family – NAO! White anti-battery creation using NAO and the white King. StrateGems also offers fast publication!

99940 /

Julia Vysotska

StrateGems – 2012, No.60 (oct-dec.2012), FB1205

h#2,5      2 solutions      (5+6)
NAOs: d8, a1


I. 1…NAd8-f4 2.Sd4-c2 NAf4-h8 3.Kf5-f4 Kf7-g6 #

II. 1…NAa1-g4 2.Sd4-e6 NAg4-e8 3.Kf5-g4 Kf7-f6 #


Creation of white anti-batteries K/NAO after bypass maneuvers of the white NAOs. Interchange of functions between both NAOs – one of them creates anti-battery, another one is included by the bS to guard fields around the black King. [Model mates]* in Meredith-form.

* Originally I’ve written Model Mates, however it is not right for the 1st solution – see a comment by Harry Fougiaxis (below). The problem is C+ with model mates in case of change wpf2→bpg3. 

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Harry Fougiaxis
Harry Fougiaxis
November 22, 2012 08:20

The mate in the first solution (ending to Kg6#) is not a model, as the e3 square is guarded twice. A possibility would be to remove the white pf2 and add a black pg3.

Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
July 30, 2015 18:02
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