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No.69 – finished 01-Nov-2012 – The first try to compose with Kangaroo-Lion! It is implemented as KL in Popeye, starting version 4.63.

100029 /

Julia Vysotska

StrateGems – 2013, No.61 (jan-mar.2013), FB1245

h#3,5         b) -Sf4         (3+8)
Kangaroo-lion b8; Nao d7


a) 1…c3-c4 2.NAd7-b3 KLb8-b2 3.f7-f6 KLb2-h8 4.NAb3-f5 Kh7-g7 #

b) 1…Kh7-h6 2.NAd7-b6 KLb8-b5 3.f7-f5 KLb5-h5 4.NAb6-f4 Kh6-g5 #


  • Play of anti-batteries KA-Lion / wK + bP;
  • critical moves of KA-Lion;
  • NAO prepares KA-Lion moves, creating a double hurdle on the KL-line and blocks the black pawn.

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July 6, 2013 17:36

Very nice problem with surprising Kangaroo Anti battery mates facilitated by Nao blocking of black pawn ! Would it be better to have one-two WP moves as W1 matching the B3 moves? Perhaps it was not possible.

July 7, 2013 08:52
Reply to  Julia

You are right. The WP looks indeed far away 🙂

Nikola Predrag
Nikola Predrag
July 7, 2013 22:48
Reply to  Julia

I solve problems to find myself the authors idea and I am more pleased with the beauty of the idea than with the difficulty of the solution. The move 1… Kh7-h6 in b) of the original is not particularly interesting for solving. Without any doubt I am much more pleased to see those on-two steps by both w&b Pawns in the presented version.