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No.73 – finished 15-Nov-2012 – This was my second problem with Take&Make, composed right after No.165. I believe I’ve got a better result here, after all comments to No.165.

100046 /

Julia Vysotska

ORBIT – 2013, No.58 – May.2013, P82

h#2      2 solutions     (2+6+4)
Nightrider h8


I. 1.nBd1-e2 nPg7-g8=nN 2.nNh8*e2-d3 nPf7*g8-a5 #

II. 1.nNh8-e2 nPf7-f8=nB 2.nBd1*e2-c3 nPg7*f8-c5 #

Take&Make effect in:

  • Reciprocal sacrifices of promoted neutral pieces: play of two neutral pawns nPf7 & nPg7, where in each solutions one of them is promoted and sacrificed to another one for its move to the mating position.
  • Reciprocal captures between nB/nN with a moves for guarding squares c5/a5.


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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
September 4, 2015 11:45