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No.76 – finished 02-Dec-2012 – Reciprocal play of neutral MAO and MOA – one gives mate, another one pins a mating piece!

100076 /

Julia Vysotska

The Problemist Supplement, No.126, Sep-2013, PS2773F

h#2     b) nMAa5->h5    (3+2+4)
Moa d6; Mao a5


a) 1.nMOd6-b5 nMOb5-d4 2.nMAa5-c4 nBe3*d4 #

b) 1.nMAh5-g7 nMAg7-e6 2.nMOd6-f7 nRf6*e6 #

Mating piece is pinned so can’t be moved away by the black. Change of functions between neutrals Mao and Moa: one is pinning the mating piece, another one is sacrificed to the mating piece and in the opposite. Change of functions between neutrals B and R. Meredith.

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