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No.8 – November, 2011. Fairy hs#-problem, anti-batteries with Lion piece. I believe this one is more complicated to compare with No.6! At least, it was much more complicated for composing! This is also the first my hs# problem. I have to mention, that I like hs# a lot from the very first try. The first time I’ve read about it in the article “HS# – It’s very interesting!” by Petko A.Petkov (thanks to Diyan Kostadinov, who has sent me a scanned copy of it from “Uralsky Problemist”! in September-2011). Later in November I’ve got perfect explanations and examples from Mr.Petkov, so I doubt that I had any opportunity to misunderstand anything 🙂 , but half a year later I was happy to publish this HS#-article on the site!

99684 /

Julia Vysotska

The Problemist – 2012,
Vol 23 No 8 (mar-12), F2955

hs#2,5        2 solutions       6+9
Lions: b7, f3


I. 1…f2-f1=B 2.LIb7-b4 Bf1-e2 3.LIb4-f4 + Be2*f3 #

II. 1…f2-f1=LI 2.LIf3-h3 LIf1-b5 3.LIh3-d7 + LIb5*b7 #

Creation of reciprocal white anti-batteries (Lion-Lion), black under-promotions, model mates.

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
June 10, 2015 20:49

–> PDB P1304258

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