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No.85 – end of May, 2013 – I like all types of horses, so I liked Marine Knights from the first try! This is a very simple problem, as a toy. For me it was a rare case when I composed without computer, and this problem appeared to be C+ !

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Julia Vysotska

StrateGems – 2013, No.63, FB1292

h#2      2 solutions     (5+5)
Marine knight a6
Siren f4


I. 1.SIf4*g5-h6 MSa6-c7 2.SIh6-e6 MSc7*e6-g5 #

II. 1.SIf4*d4-c4 MSa6-b8 2.SIc4-c6 MSb8*c6-d4 #

Annihilation of white pawns by bSI and sacrifice of bSI to force MS-mates.

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