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JV problem No.86

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No.86 – June,2013 – Running JF Marine TT 2013 I wanted to compose something with Marine pieces as well! The main idea was a play of black Marine pieces MS/SI, and it took me about a month. Although, two solutions are not fully identical, I like this problem, and I believe it is unique for now.

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Julia Vysotska

The 3rd FIDE World Cup in Composing 2013, G-Fairies
1st Hon.men.

h#2       b) pa6->c5       (7+9)
Marine knight e8, e4
Triton c4; Siren e7


a) 1.MSe4*f6-g8 TRc4*c7-c8 2.SIe7-e4 MSe8-f6 #
(1.SIxf6-g5 ??)

b) 1.SIe7*c5-b4 MSe8*c7-a6 2.MSe4-d6 TRc4-c5 #
(1.MSxc5-a6 ??)

Reciprocal interchange of functions of 2 pairs of Marine pieces:
1) wTR/wMS – one piece guards the squares of the bK, another piece gives mate. Additional motive: annihilation of Pc7 by wTR/wMS opens line for guarding c6.
2) bMS/bSI – one piece annihilates wPf6/wPc5 for the white mating move, another one blocks the 1st one, preventing it from capturing the mating piece.
Thematic tries for the both solutions – the both black pieces can annihilate the white pawn, but only in one case the second black piece can block the 1st one to allow mate.

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