Originals 01-130615

Originals 01-130615


01-13th of June, 2015

  • (13.06) No.831Dominique Forlot (hs#4). A nice HS# Aristocratic Miniature!
  • (12.06) No.830Erich Bartel (h==4; Madrasi RI; Alphabetic Chess; Camelrider; Zebra; Equihopper). A festival of white promotions!
  • (10.06) No.829James Quah (#2; Kangaroo). Three Kangaroos in Djurasevic theme!
  • (10.06) No.827, 828Erich Bartel. Two aristocratic four-men! No.827 (hs#4; Chameleon Chess; Alphabetic Chess); No.828 (hs=5; Chameleon Chess; Alphabetic Chess).
  • (09.06) No.826Václav Kotěšovec (hs=7,5; Black Maximummer; Double Grasshopper). Threefold echo-finals!
  • (09.06) No.825N.Shankar Ram (r#2). A rare guest on JF: reflexmate with multiphasic thematic play!
  • (08.06) No.824Erich Bartel (ser-==11; Madrasi; PWC; Alphabetic Chess; Camel; Giraffe; Zebra; Antelope). A curious double stalemate with “African Savanna” on the board!
  • (08.06) No.823Joost de Heer (ser-#3; Boyscout). Promotion in every move! Warm welcome to Joost in Original problems section of JF!
  • (06.06) No.822Petko A. Petkov (ser-h#3; Disparate PY; Anti-Andernach). A splendid Zilahi-cycle! A combination of two conditions here refutes the saying “there is safety in numbers” 🙂
  • (05.06) No.821Erich Bartel (ser-s#16; Equipollent Circe; Rabbit ). “A problem shows the walk of the white king from one corner to the other and withby a passive fairy promotion.“ (EB). My gratitude to Erich for the dedication!
  • (04.06) No.820Erich Bartel (ser-==16; Madrasi RI; PWC; Alphabetic Chess). Rich thematic effects in the final of serial double stalemate! Warm welcome to Erich in Original problems section of JF!
  • (03.06) No.819Peter Harris (h##3; Patrol Chess; Sentinels Pion Advers; Anti-Circe). Rarely shown mate to the both Kings in a problem with three fairy conditions!
  • (01.06) No.817, 818Chris Feather. “These two problems both make their point best if solved, so I hope that at least some readers will try to solve them.” (CJF). No.817 (h#3*; Take&Make; PWC; VAO); No.818 (1->ser-h#14; PWC; Diagram Anti-Circe; Nightriderhopper).

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe’s graphics.

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of Original Problems menu on the top. The judge of informal fairy tournament JF-2015(I) – Kostas Prentos. The judge of Retro and PG problems 2015-2016Thomas Brand.

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