Originals 07-120719

Originals 07-120719


Original Problems


7-12th of July, 2019

  • (12.07) No.1422 – Aleksey Oganesjan (hs#7). “Tempo-triangulation of wK…” (Author)
  • (10.07) No.1421 – Sven Trommler & Franz Pachl (hs#4 ; Nightrider, NAO, PAO). Sven, welcome back to JF after 7 years since your previous publication, joint problem No.87 in 2012!
  • (08.07) No.1420 – Klaus Wenda (-6 & s#1 Proca Anti-Circe ; Grasshopper, Bishophopper, MWU II). Queen with the power of a MWU.
  • (08.07) No.1419 – Daniel Papack & Computer (h#2.5 ; Neutral pawns ; Chameleon Chess). “After No.1414, found with the help of the computer by testing…” (Author)
  • (07.07) No.1418 – Udo Degener (h#13.5 ; Grasshopper ; Functionary Chess). Warm welcome to Udo in Original Problems of JF!

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe’s graphics.

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of Original Problems menu on the top. The judge of JF-2019/II: Petko Petkov. The judge of Retro generic levitra eu & PG problems 2019-2020: Vlaicu Cri?an

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