19th-21st of May, 2014:

  • (21.05) No.547 – Rainer Kuhn – A very specific twin of this problem shows the different implementation of combination Mirror-Circe + Take&Make in two solving programs – Popeye and WinChloe!
  • (21.05) No.546.1 – Franz Pachl – An improvement to No.546 created after comments.
  • (20.05) No.546 – Franz Pachl – Chinese Roses in a complicated cyclic play with three phases!
  • (19.05) No.509.5 – Henryk Grudzi?ski & Paul Rãican – One more improvement to the initial idea shown in No.509 (Henryk Grudzi?ski) almost 2,5 month ago! Authors mention it is partly checked.

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of  Original Problems menu on the top. The judge for informal fairy tourney 2014(II)Dmitri Turevski. The judge for Retro and PG problems 2013 – 2014Hans Gruber. 

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