Originals 2506-070714

Originals 2506-070714


25th of June – 7th of July, 2014:

  • (06.07) No.567 – Nikolaj Zujev – A play of white and black Grasshoppers in HS#!
  • (06.07) No.566 – Petko A. Petkov – Light Disparate Miniature!
  • (02.07) No.565 – Julia Vysotska – Neutral Nightriders in my first combination of Circe and Take & Make!
  • (29.06) In animated diagrams I’ve changed pieces to those used in Echecs font. My gratitude to Christian Poisson who kindly provided images of all Echecs pieces and also to Dmitri Turevski for explanations about the necessary changes!
  • (28.06) No.564 – Ladislav Packa – A nice Anti-Circe PG! Warm welcome to Ladislav! (29.06 – animated solution is added to this PG problem!) 
  • (25.06) No.563 – Albinas Bicusas – A nice Aristocrat-miniature! Warm welcome to Albinas!
    This is the first published fairy original with animated solution, which uses Py2Web tool by Dmitri Turevski. Thanks a lot to Dmitri for the tool and help with installation!

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of  Original Problems menu on the top. The judge for informal fairy tourney 2014(II)Dmitri Turevski. The judge for Retro and PG problems 2013 – 2014Hans Gruber. 

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shankar ram
shankar ram
June 26, 2014 08:32

As ever, JF sets new standards for chess/fairy chess problem publication on the web..!
I’m happy my initial enquiry with Julia about animating chess problems has finally led to this..
More power to you, dear web mistress.. 🙂

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