Julia's Fairies

No.563 (AB)

Albinas Bicusas (Lithuania)
Warm welcome to Albinas!


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (II): May – August

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No.563 by Albinas Bicusas – A nice Aristocrat-miniature! (JV)


Circe: Captured units (not Ks) reappear on their game-array squares, of the same colour in the case of pieces, on the file of capture in the case of pawns, and on the promotion square of the file of capture in the case of fairy pieces. If the rebirth square is occupied the capture is normal.

Einstein Chess: Units ‘grow’ when they capture (P>S>B>R>Q>Q…) and ‘shrink’ when they move without capturing (Q>R>B>S>P>P…). Castling is permitted with reborn Rook but the Rook changes to a Bishop. If a white (black) Pawn on 7th (2nd) rank make a non-capturing move, it does not change its status, i.e., remains a Pawn and loses its mobility. If the Pawn captures, it changes into Knight. The white Pawn on 1st rank can make five(!) moves: two captures and three forward moves. For example a white Pawn on c1 can capture on b2 and d2 and can move to c2, c3 and c4. The same rule applies to the black Pawn on the 8th rank. Two en passant moves are possible after the white Pawn plays, for example, from c1 to c3 or from c1 to c4. The same goes for black Pawn moves. After en passant moves the capturing Pawn disappears and the captor becomes a Knight. Rules for neutral and half-neutral Pawns: on the 1st rank the Pawn can be moved only by White, while on the 8th rank only by Black. Einstein Chess is not defined for play with other fairy pieces.

No.563 Albinas Bicusas

original – 25.06.2014

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white Kc6 Sf8 black Bc7 Sd7 Ke8

h#4             2 solutions           (2+3)
Einstein Chess

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June 25, 2014 23:57

The dynamic solutions are great! Great gift from Dmitri ! Thanks a lot!

Nikola Predrag
Nikola Predrag
June 26, 2014 16:08

Beautiful gift from Dmitri!

The hardest task here is to solve the meaning of a “Pawn” in Einstein chess. Since the precise definitions are boring, let the solvers be creative.
If they wonder why Sf8-h7=wP (preparing a promotion) is not good, a small hint about the Pawns might be added (only for the less creative solvers).

The problem has nice moments but it is not a true h#4.
There must be some possibility for different moves in different phases. So, still some composing work should be done.

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
June 27, 2014 03:16
Reply to  Nikola Predrag

Popeye v4.67 finds both solutions if you specify “EinsteinChess” instead of just “Einstein”, or if Einstein is specified before Circe. The bug occurs because of Popeye’s new way of specifying Circe options. If you specify “condition Circe Einstein” then Popeye thinks it is Circe, with captured pieces being transformed as in EinsteinChess before being reborn!

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