Julia's Fairies

No.565 (JV)

Julia Vysotska (Latvia)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (II): May – August

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No.565 by Julia Vysotska – Neutral Nightriders in my first combination of Circe and Take&Make! (JV)


Circe: Captured units (not Ks) reappear on their game-array squares, of the same colour in the case of pieces, on the file of capture in the case of pawns, and on the promotion square of the file of capture in the case of fairy pieces. If the rebirth square is occupied the capture is normal.

Take & Make: Having captured, a unit must immediately, as part of its move, play a non-capturing move in imitation of the captured unit from the capture-square. If no such move is available, the capture is illegal. Promotion by capture occurs only when a pawn arrives on the promotion rank as the result of a take&make move. Checks are as in normal chess: after the notional capture of the checked K, the checking unit does not move away from the King’s square.

Nightrider(N): (1,2) Rider. Operates along straight lines with squares lying a Knight’s move away from each other.

No.565 Julia Vysotska

original – 02.07.2014

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white Ka5 Bf8 black Kh3 Sh2 Pf4 neutral Nc7 Nc3 Bg8

h#2             b) Bf8→h7       (2+3+3)
Take & Make
Nightriders: c7, c3

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Manfred Rittirsch
Manfred Rittirsch
July 2, 2014 13:16

Twin must be b) Bf8->h7.

Manfred Rittirsch
Manfred Rittirsch
July 2, 2014 14:44

That’s exactly what I expected.
The problem is very nice, with reciprocal capture of neutral mating pieces achieved in a perfectly light model mate setting.
Note that f1 is in fact a Bishop rebirth square but the neutral Bishop is not exactly “reborn” in the usual sense, it was transported there by the t&m condition when it captured. Even if you went for the match it seems incidental as long as it does not apply to the nN as well, which is not the case as the corresponding square (f7) is a p rebirth square.

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