Ya’akov Mintz (Israel)

Warm welcome to Ya’akov in Original problems section of JF!


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (I): January – June

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No.1038 Ya’akov Mintz

original – 04.04.2016
Dedicated to the 64 anniversary of Yochanan Afek

Solution: (click to show/hide)

White Ke1 Pe7f7 Black Kh8 Pa2e3h2

hs#5                                           (3+4)

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Luce Sebastien
Luce Sebastien
4 years ago

Dear Ya’akov,

like you, I love Pawns and I like a lot your problem.
This AUW is pure !
Congratulations !

Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
4 years ago

to this genre (AUW with 2 white and 2 black pawns in hs#) I point to my essays in Problemkiste 153,164,165 February,April,June 2006, where a lot of examples are shown. was the first one in this genre and
shows first time the promotion type BQ/SR
here TS did it with “kings and pawns only-form =Kindergarten” and
was the first in miniature (by Zugzwang)
and now YM gave us the theme “en miniature and Kindergarten”.
At lest the question: is it possible to do it “en miniature and Kindergarten and Zugzwang”?

Ya'aqov Mintz
Ya'aqov Mintz
4 years ago

Now in TS HS#5 (P1072218) maybe thematic twin:
b) wPc7 > d7
1.d8=B b3 2.a8=Q b2 3.Qh1 b1=S 4.Ba5 a1=R 5.Bc3 Sxc3 #.

4 years ago quoted by Bartel Erich seems a close anticipation.

Ya'aqov Mintz
Ya'aqov Mintz
4 years ago

On PDB Server were inputed many problems with insufficient information. To explore more deeply with the subject, alas(!) we need to view all the tasks according to the method stip=’HS#3′,
stip=’HS#4′, etc.
Position of Th. Steudel I composed myself (03.April.2016, with wPa7=wPe7!) but ignored it due to 8 pieces without fifth promotion (See my comentaries to P1188804 and P1072218
on PDB Server).