Geoff Foster (Australia)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (I): January – June

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No.1049 Geoff Foster

original – 19.04.2016

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white Kh5 black Ka4 neutral Se4g6

h#4                                         (1+1+2)
b) vertical mirror (a1↔h1)
Chameleon Circe
Neutral Se4, Sg6

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Luce Sebastien
Luce Sebastien
April 19, 2016 22:56

Two symetrical mates but strangely two different solutions !
Well done Geoff
and C+ also Winchloe

peter harris
peter harris
April 20, 2016 14:41

Good Geoff.

(You wrote previously (!): Nevertheless I will attempt a definition, even though there doesn’t seem much point, because as far as I am aware no problem using this condition has ever been composed).

Now your next task could be to add to Circe Chameleon (or to Circe Einstein) either Chameleon or Einstein.

Then when piece A captures piece B both would change instead just the B piece.

This would be nice to see! – but difficult to effect.

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
April 21, 2016 03:02

Dear Peter,

It’s already been done! When we had our discussion I failed to notice that Circe Einstein is closely related to ChameleonCirce, which is a fairly common fairy condition (190 problems in WinChloe). When the Popeye team created the new format for Circe/AnitCirce, they added some other transformation sequences, such as Einstein.

Here is an example, with all pieces being neutral (including the King):

Michael Grushko & Paul Raican
Quartz 2012
h#4.5 (b) nPh4>f7
neutral Kf8 Ph4 Pe3 Pg2

a) 1…nPh4-h5 2.nPg2-g1=nQ nQg1-f2=nS 3.nPe3xf2[+nBc1] nKf8-g8 4.nPf2-f1=nR nPh5-h6 5.nRf1-f6=nQ nBc1xh6=nR[+nPh7] #

b) 1…nPe3-e4 2.nPg2-g1=nQ nPe4-e5 3.nQg1-g8=nS nPf7xg8=nB[+nBc8] 4.nBc8-g4=nR nPe5-e6 5.nRg4-g6=nQ nBg8xe6=nR[+nPe7] #

Of course it would be more interesting to have chameleon pieces (not pawns) in the captures, so that both pieces would be transformed each time.

peter harris
peter harris
April 21, 2016 20:44

Thank you Geoff.

This raises the question of nomenclature that I wrote about at some length (in comment to my 1045).

I wrote:


If Popeye did as I suggested namely:

(1) Make entering as input Circe Einstein or Einstein Circe mean the same thing

(2) Rename the present Circe Einstein to CirceEinstein

then in practical terms:

Circe and Einstein could be entered in any order 99% of the time.

CirceEinstein would be entered 1% of the time by composers who desired that condition.


It seems, from what you have now written, that at present the different inputs ChameleonCirce and Circe Chameleon mean the same thing.


By the same token: There should be an input EinsteinCirce.

The present set-up of having (ridiculous) inputs of Circe Einstein and Circe Chameleon could and should be scrapped. The inputs should be ChameleonCirce and EinsteinCirce.

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