Sébastien Luce

Original Fairy problems
January – June’2020

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No.1514 Sébastien Luce

original – 12.06.2020

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White GBe5f5e3 Black Kg7 GBb6f3

h#4             2 solutions            (3+3)
Bul Grasshopper e5,f5,e3,b6,f3

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Pеtko Petkov
Pеtko Petkov
June 13, 2020 14:35

An interesting problem, which deserves a good evaluation! But here there is an error in the animation in the first solution – the black king must stand on the field h8.
As an inventor of the fairy- pieces from the Bul Hoppers family, I would like to note the following:
1. In March this year, I suggested to Christian Poisson to program some pieces of my new invented “Bul Hoppers Family” and several other types of my new fairy conditions and also other new fairy pieces that are analogical to Bul Hoppers. To my great joy, Christian programs my new inventions in the latest version 3.50 of WinChloe. First of all, I express once again my great gratitude to Christian, for his attention to me, and for his fast and wonderful work , as always!
2. In WinChloe 3,50, the name of the piece Bul Grasshopper is written in French: Sauterelle Bul (SB) and this, of course, is normal.
In English, however, the correct name of this piece must be Bul Grosshopper, not Grasshopper Bul. (Bul is an abbreviation of “Bulgarian”)
In addition, the definition that has been published differs both from my original definition sent to Christian in March (2020) and from the definition that currently exists in WinChloe. The right definition should be shorter and here it is needed to use the definition from WinChloe:
Bul Grasshopper (in French: Sauterelle Bul) :Moves like a Grasshopper ((0,1) (1,1)Hopper), but the hurdle must also make a Grasshopper move (the move is impossible if it cannot).
Julia, please correct the name and the definition of this piece.
As the piece currently is programmed only in WinChloe, its French code SB can also be used in an English text. However, thecgode BG can also be used in English.
Definition of Bul Lion (Lion Bul in French) :Moves like a Lion ((0,1) (1,1)Prolonged Hopper), but the hurdle must also make a Lion move (the move is impossible if it cannot).
As I would not like the names of my discoveries to be “revised” and “modified” by other authors, please use the definitions of the following new figures and conditions as given in WinChloe 3.50: Bul Pao, Bul Vao, Dob Lion, Cast, Cast inverse.
By the way, I am preparing a large theoretical article on my new inventions, programmed in WinChloe 3.50, which will be published soon
In the new version of WinChloe there is another, very interesting new fairy condition called “Conductor”. It was a very interesting history: in the beginning I proposed this idea to Christian, but using only figures G and S in the role of piece “X”. Christian, however, found an even more interesting way to define and program the idea, and now it is valid for each figure X! Please see the definition in WinChloe. This topic also deserves detailed future research.

June 14, 2020 19:39

With this interesting piece, Bul Grasshopper or Grasshopper Bul ?, you will see other originals in the next issues of Sachmatija, Variantim and Tehtavaniekka.

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