Michal Dragoun
(Czech Republic)

Original Fairy problems
01.01.2021 - 30.06.2021

Definitions / Определения

No. 1586 Michal Dragoun
Czech Republic
original - 28.02.2021

black Nh8 Gd2 Bg8 Ka8 white Na7 Ge1b4 Ph7f5d6 Rb6 Kg7
hs#4            2 solutions            8+4
Grasshopper b4, e1, d2
Nightrider a7,h8

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March 4, 2021 19:04

What’s worse? A unused grasshopper in each solution or a twin b) Ge1->b4?

March 5, 2021 00:18
Reply to  Joost

In my opinion a twin. In general, for me is in the HSX much more important economy of Black, as the mating side, and I without doubts prefer twinless setting at the cost of one piece.

March 5, 2021 08:31
Reply to  Michal

And Na7 to a3, -Ge1? The unity of the first move is changed from a nightrider move to a move on e1.

March 6, 2021 20:27
Reply to  Michal

I wish judges had a similar view. Our wonderful entry in the Wcct-9 G-section was downgraded because of similar white economy 😢

Last edited 1 year ago by Seetharaman
Juraj Lörinc
March 5, 2021 13:27

To whom it may concern: this hs# would be eligible for Dawson Triathlon Memorial and sets the bar very high for the hs# section (as I guess Michal has already at least two better works to be submitted). I am genuinely looking forward to the award as I expect it to be full of the first class problems. With some luck at least something from me as well…
And by the way, the Joost’s version Na7>a3, -Ge1 seems much better, taking care of the economy issue.

March 5, 2021 16:49
Reply to  Juraj Lörinc

I don’t know, if better, but I have different ones for Dawson Triathlon 🙂
Concerning Joost’s version, it solves nicely the problem of non-active officer in each phase. On the other hand, formal correspondence (in the same arrival square) is for me not so much important, as there are no other formal relations between solutions. So I still like more the original setting, but simultanoeusly I think that this will be minority meaning. (Frankly speaking I searched only square suitable for two-move nightrider manoeuvre and I did not consider other possibilities.)

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
March 5, 2021 23:44
Reply to  Michal

Shouldn’t Michal’s country be “Czechia”, not “Czehia”?

March 7, 2021 02:04
Reply to  Julia

Czech Republic is the official name, Czechia is used shortened name.