Julia's Fairies

No.346 (DN)

Daniel Novomesky (Slovakia)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (II): May – August

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No.346 by Daniel Novomesky – Very interesting formation of twins with change of 4 pieces (except Kings) with 4 pieces of other type!! (JV)


Skylla(SK): The Skylla moves as a normal Knight provided the destination square is vacant; to capture it takes an enemy unit on the intervening orthogonal square. If this square is occupied by a friendly unit then the Scylla is obstructed (it’s Marine MAO).

Sparrow (SP): Moves like a Grasshopper, but deflects 135° either way on passing over the hurdle. The arrival square is adjacent to the hurdle.

Grasshopper(G): Moves along Q-lines over another unit of either color to the square immediately beyond that unit. A capture may be made on arrival, but the hurdle is not affected.

Definitions sent by author:

Leaf Hopper, Tree Hopper –  similar to the Radial Leaper, but the hurdle can be a piece of either colour.

Leaf hopper (LH): if on a Q-line with another unit distance x away, can move to another square x away from its own square (e.g. LHc2, Pc5, Pe4 – 1.LHf2 (using c5: c2-c5=c2-f2) 1.LHa4 (using e4:c2-e4=c2-a4)).

Greater Leafhopper: not restricted to Q-lines.

Tree hopper (TH): if on a Q-line with another unit distance x away, can move to another square x away from that piece (e.g. THc2, Pc5, Pe4 – 1.THf5 (over c5: c2-c5 = c5-f5) or 1.THc6,g6,g2 (over e4: c2-e4=e4-c6 etc.) )

Greater Treehopper: not restricted to Q-lines – so like a Radial Leaper but over any colour of hurdle.

Radial Leaper (RK): is a unit which moves by jumping over another unit of opposite colour (called a hurdle) in the way that the geometrical distance between destination square and the hurdle square (in any direction) is the same than the distance between the RK square and the hurdle square. (Example: black RKd6 can move through white hurdle Kg1 to the destination square b4 because d6-g1 = g1-b4)

No.346 Daniel Novomesky
h#3                                              (3+3)
b) White SW: c4, c5, Black SW: f6,e6
c) White LH: c4, c5, Black LH: f6,e6
d) White TH: c4, c5, Black TH: f6,e6
Skyllas: c4, c5, e6, f6
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