Julia's Fairies

No.444 (MG&SS)

Michael Grushko & 
Semion Shifrin 


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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No.444 by Michael Grushko & Semion Shifrin – A very nice “Tanagra” problem in aristocratic form! (JV)


Take & Make: Having captured, a unit must immediately, as part of its move, play a non-capturing move in imitation of the captured unit from the capture-square. If no such move is available, the capture is illegal. Promotion by capture occurs only when a pawn arrives on the promotion rank as the result of a take&make move. Checks are as in normal chess: after the notional capture of the checked K, the checking unit does not move away from the King’s square.

Circe Parrain: After a capture, the captured piece is reborn only after another piece of its own side has moved. The line between capturing square and rebirth square is parallel with and of same direction and length as the move of this other piece. Pawns can be reborn on 1st and 8th rank. From their own base rank, they may move one-step; if reborn on the promotion rank, the Pawn at once promotes, the promotion piece being determined by the Pawn side.

No.444 Michael Grushko & Semion Shifrin
original – 01.12.2013
h#3              3 solutions             (2+3)
Take & Make
Circe Parrain
(no white King)
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Janos Mikitovics
Janos Mikitovics
December 2, 2013 10:59

This version born from your idea with the same self-blockades:
White Sd7 Sa4 (2)
Black Qc8 Bc6 Ka5 (3)
3 solutions
b) wSa4→f8
Take & Make
Parrain Circe
(no white King)

a1) 1.Qc8-b8 Sd7*b8-c8 2.Bc6*a4-b6[+bQa8] Sc8-e7[+wSc3] 3.Qa8-a6 Se7-c6 #
a2) 1.Bc6-b7 Sa4-c5 2.Qc8*d7-b8 Sc5-a4[+wSb6] 3.Ka5*b6-a8 Sa4-b6[+wSc8] #
a3) 1.Qc8*d7-b6 Sa4-b2[+wSe5] 2.Ka5-a6 Se5*c6-b5 3.Qb6*b5-a7[+bBb7] Sb2-c4[+wSc7] #

b1) 1.Qc8-c7 Sd7-b8 2.Bc6-d7 Sf8*d7-b5 3.Qc7*b8-a6[+bBb6] Sb5-c3[+wSc6] # (Same mate is
as in a1) but with different moves)
b2) 1.Qc8-b8 Sd7-b6 2.Ka5*b6-c8 Sf8-e6[+wSa4] 3.Bc6-b7 Sa4-b6 # (Same sel-blockades is as in a2) but with an other position of bK)
b3) 1.Qc8-e8 Sf8-e6 2.Bc6*d7-f8 Se6*f8-d6[+wSc7] 3.Qe8-a4[+bBb4] Sd6-c4 #

Semion Shifrin and Michael Grushko
Semion Shifrin and Michael Grushko
December 3, 2013 17:46

Thank you, Janos, for your interest in our problem.

You are right, that with such material and conditions it’s possible to get more solutions.

But we made an effort to get maximal richness for each move, and obligatory agreement ,

that each mate would be used with fairy conditions.

For example, we had a version:

W: Se2 , Sf1 B: Kf2 , Re3 , Bh5

H#3 4 solutions

Take&MakeChess ParrainCirce

1.Re3*e2-g1 Sf1-h2[+wSg3] 2.Kf2*g3-h1 Sh2-g4[+wSf5] 3.Bh5*g4-h2 Sf5-e3[+wSf2] #
1.Re3*e2-g3 Sf1*g3-g4[+wSf5] + 2.Bh5*g4-e3[+bRd1] Sf5*e3-f4[+wSg3] 3.Kf2-e1[+bBd2] Sf4-d3 #
1.Bh5*e2-g3 Sf1*e3-f3[+wSe4] + 2.Kf2*f3-h4[+bRg5] Se4-f2[+wSg1] 3.Rg5-h5 Sg1-f3 #
1.Bh5-f3 Sf1-d2 2.Kf2*e2-c1 Sd2*f3-d1[+wSe1] 3.Re3*e1-c2[+bBd2] Sd1-c3[+wSd3] #

But we rejected it, because the mates in the second and third variants didn’t meet our criterions .

Janos Mikitovics
Janos Mikitovics
December 3, 2013 23:59

Thank you, Semion and Michael, for the clear presentation of your intention! In your very nice original the third mate is more beautiful for me, than the other two, because the reborn wS gives the checkmate. See the next version with two similar solutions:
White Sd6 Sa5 (2)
Black Qd8 Bc5 Ka4 (3)
h#3 2 solutions
Take & Make
Parrain Circe
1.Qd8*a5-c6 Sd6-e8[+wSb7] 2.Bc5-d6 Se8*d6-b4 3.Qc6*b7-a5[+bBb5] Sb4-c2[+wSc5] #
1.Qd8*d6-b5 Sa5-b3[+wSe4] 2.Ka4-a3 Se4*c5-b6 3.Qb5*b6-a4[+bBb4] Sb3-c1[+wSc4] #
Chameleon echo-mates.

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