No.512, 513 
Kjell Widlert (Sweden)

Warm welcome to Kjell in Original Problems section of JF!


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (I): January – April

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Warm welcome to Kjell Widlert – a noted Swedish composer, editor of “Springaren” magazine and also the last time one of the best commentators on JF! Two problems by Kjell have an uncommon fairy conditions and minimal white material:

No.512 – ser-h#6 with Haan Chess (HaanerChess in Popeye);

No.513 – h#12 with Alphabetical Chess. (JV)


Haan Chess : Any square left can’t be neither occupied nor crossed.

Alphabetical Chess: The squares are considered in the order a1, a2…a8, b1…b8, c1 and so on to h8. At each turn, only the unit standing on the square which comes earliest in this order may move. However check and mate are normal.

No.512 Kjell Widlert
original – 10.03.2014
512-sh#6-kwser-h#6           b) -bSf6               (2+2)
Haan Chess
(no white King)
Solutions: (click to show/hide)
No.513 Kjell Widlert
original – 10.03.2014
513-h#12-kwh#12                                             (2+6)
Alphabetical Chess (ABC)
Solution: (click to show/hide)

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Manfred Rittirsch
Manfred Rittirsch
March 12, 2014 12:54

512: 2 ideal mates in the middle of the board that took me half a minute to solve but left an impression that will last forever!

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
March 12, 2014 22:37

The idea of No.512 is shown in some Sentinelles problems.

March 13, 2014 11:34
Reply to  Geoff Foster

Yes, the effect will be the same.

Kjell Widlert
Kjell Widlert
March 13, 2014 13:40
Reply to  seetharaman

It is true that leaving a hole behind or leaving a pawn behind will often have the same effect. But not always!

March 13, 2014 14:48
Reply to  Kjell Widlert

True. It would be interesting to see a Hybrid..!!