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Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (II): May – August

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No.554 by Petko A. Petkov – With this problem author proposes a new theme – Chameleon Trio (shown for the first time?) – where three different Chameleons in a different phases step on the same square! Enjoy a complicated strategy, rich thematic complex and detailed author’s comments! (JV)


Anti-Andernach: A piece (excluding King) changes its color after any non-capturing move. After capture, the piece retains its color. Rooks on a1, h1, a8 and h8 can be used for castling, provided the usual other rules for that move are satisfied. After castling, Rooks do not change color, If White makes a non-capturing move with neutral or halfneutral piece, that piece becomes black and vice versa.

Chameleon: On completing a move, a Chameleon (from classical standard type) changes into another piece, in the sequence Q-S-B-R-Q… Promotion may be to a chameleon at any stage in the cycle.

No.554 Petko A. Petkov
original – 08.06.2014
554-hs#4,5-paphs#4,5           2 solutions             (5+5)
Chameleons: Sa4, Bf7, Rg4, Qg6, Bg7, Bh3
Solutions: (click to show/hide)

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