Julia's Fairies

No.610 (SL)

Sébastien Luce 


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (III): September – December

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No.610 by Sébastien Luce –  “All roads go to Rome!”(S.B.).  See where two roads of author’s solutions go and also some words to the discussion about puzzles and problems.  (JV)


Einstein Chess: All units (Ks excluded) change their type when they move, according to a precise pattern. For non-capture moves: Q>R, R>B, B>S, S>P, P remains P. For capture-moves: R>Q, B>R, S>B, P>S, Q remains Q.

Circe Parrain: After a capture, the captured piece is reborn only after another piece of its own side has moved. The line between capturing square and rebirth square is parallel with and of same direction and length as the move of this other piece. Pawns can be reborn on 1st and 8th rank. From their own base rank, they may move one-step; if reborn on the promotion rank, the Pawn at once promotes, the promotion piece being determined by the Pawn side.

No.610 Sébastien Luce

original – 28.09.2014
Dedicated to Pierre Tritten!

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

White Ke7 Black Kh7 Neutral Pe6 Pd5 Pf4

ser-#9        2 solutions       (1+1+3)
Circe Parrain

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Nikola Predrag
Nikola Predrag
September 29, 2014 22:59

I’m not sure about all moves, but there seems to be a rather different play before reaching the same end.
It looks pretty remarkable.

Some composers would try the twinning by shifting bK to h6 or elsewhere, with echo.
But if I have checked it correctly, the same final positions show a cyclic Platzwechsel of nPs on g7,g6,g5
nPd5,nPf4,nPe6 – 1st sol.
nPe6,nPd5,nPf4 – 2nd sol.

And this is also a kind of echo.

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