Julia's Fairies

No.637 (PH)

Peter Harris
(South Africa)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (III): September – December

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No.637 by Peter Harris – Interesting thematic mates to the both Royal Pieces – rR in (a) and rR+rB in (b)! (JV)


Sentinels Pion Advers: When a piece (not a Pawn) moves, a Pawn of the colour of the opposite side appears on the vacated square if it is not on the first or the last rank, and if there are less than 8 Pawns of that colour on the board.

Royal piece: Piece that executes a function of the King on the board.

No.637 Peter Harris
South Africa

original – 01.11.2014

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white royal re7 black royal bh1 neutral qd3

hs#3,5         b) h##3,5       (1+1+1n)
Royal Re7 Bh1
Sentinels Pion Advers

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Peter Harris
Peter Harris
November 3, 2014 15:56

I never know how many JF visitors are interested in my problems.

For those who are:

This 537 problem was one of many I made.

The hs solution could be more thematic. The Black move giving mate is not the Black Royal piece. [But I became enamoured with the Q-h6# sequence of moves]. A 2 solution version, one giving the 537 mate by the Q, the other by the rbB is:

rwRf7, rbBh1, nQd3 hs#3.5 sentinelles pionadvers [1+1+1] 2 solutions. [This also gives a 1-solution h##3.5].

The following is a 2 solution h##3 problem:

rwRd1, rbBa8, nQa3 h##3 sentinelles pionadvers [1+1+1] 2 solutions. [This is 3 not 3.5 and Black is in check].

Lastly, I did think of sending Julia the following which is prettier than 537 and is much simpler being 3 long and with Sentinelles not Pionadvers:

rwRc5, rbBe4, nQd8 sentinelles (a) hs#3 (b) h##3 [1+1+1].

The extra half move makes a big difference with Difficulty – so perhaps I should have sent this instead.

I also made h## problems with other Royal pieces including 2 R – after the last move the Rs were side by side mating each other.

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