Julia's Fairies

No.652 (ER)

Eugene Rosner (U.S.A.)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (III): September – December

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No.652 by Eugene Rosner – Retro-problem, where the analysis is based on the determination if the position is orthodox legal after each move by the both sides. (JV)


Alsatian: Every position must be orthodox legal.

Annan Chess: If two pieces of the same colour are standing close to each other in N-S-direction, the front piece moves only like the rear piece as long as the contact is existing. The front piece is that piece that is closer to the own promotion line. White/Black Pawns on the 1st/8th rank cannot move, but can give their kind of moving to a front piece. Officers moving with the power of a Pawn to the promotion line do not promote; if they make a double-step with the power of a Pawn, they cannot be captured en-passant; but officers with the power of a Pawn can capture a Pawn en-passant.

No.652 Eugene Rosner

original – 28.11.2014
Dedicated to Hubert Gockel

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white Kh4 Bb1g1 Rd2g2 Pa2a6d3d6e6e7h3h6 black Ke8 Se1g3 Pa7b3b4e2e3g4h7

#2                                         (13+10)
Alsatian Annan Chess
(partially tested by author, Popeye 4.67)

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