No.708 (KG)

Krassimir Gandev


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): January – June

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No.708 by Krassimir Gandev – Promotions in a serial plays of White and Black! (JV)

No.708.1 by Krassimir Gandev – Author’s improvement to No.708! (JV)


Wn→Ser-h=N: White makes n serial moves and than goes Ser-h=N.

Reverse Pawn (PP): Moves opposite to normal Pawn and promotes at the opposite end of board.

No.708 Krassimir Gandev

original – 31.01.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white Ka8 Sf6 Pf2 PPc7 black Kg6 Pa2 Pa4 Pa7 Ph2 Ph5

W5→Ser-h=22                          (4+6)
Reverse Pawn PPc7

No.708.1 Krassimir Gandev

version of No.708 – 11.02.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white Ka8 pf2 ppc7 ppf5 black Kg6 pa2 pa4 pa7 ph2 ph5 ph7

W5→Ser-h=23                          (4+7)
Reverse Pawns: c7, f5

4 Responses to No.708 (KG)

  1. Manfred Rittirsch says:

    Cook 1.Sd5 … 5.RPc2, then 1.a1=B 2.h1=R … 5.Ra2 6.a3 … 8.a4 … 14.Kb2 … 18.h1=R,Q 19.R,Qd1 RPxd1=Q=

    • JuliaJulia says:

      I’ve got a corrected version from Krassimir, and we’ve agreed that I’ll show it here first, for possible comments:
      WHITE: Ka8, Pf2, PPc7, PPf5
      BLACK:Kg6, Pa2, Pa4, Pa7, Ph2 Ph5
      W5->Ser-H=22 (4 + 6) С –
      1.-5.PPc7 – c1=Q!-3.Pa1=R-Ra3-Rh3 4-8. Pa4-a1=Q-Qa1-a6-f1 9.-15. Pa7-a1=S-c2-e3!! 16-17.Kg6-g5-h4. 18.Se3-g2 19.Ph2-h1=B 20.Rh3-h2. 21.Kh4-h3 22.Ph5-h4 Qc1xf1 Patt

      • Mike Neumeier says:

        I like this problem. Good AUW even without the White series attachment to front, though this does make it more fun to solve, which I did. Clever cooking on the first version. I think this correction is sound. These attachments have potential. Great potential, to put some zest into series. I have not seen many. Thanks for making one. Reverse pawns are cool!

  2. Manfred Rittirsch says:

    There is still another cook that worked in the initial position as well: 5.RPc1=Q, then 1.a1=B 2.a3 … 4.a4 5.h1=R … 8.Rc2 … 14.Ka2 … 18.h1=S 19. Sxf2 … 21.Sb2 Qxc2=

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