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No.929 by Daniel Novomesky – Multiple switchbacks in PG problem! (JV)

No.929 Daniel Novomesky

original – 13.10.2015

Solution: (click to show/hide)

white Bf1c1 Ke1 Qd1 Ph2g2f2e2d2c2b2a2 Sg1b1 Rh1a1 black Bf8c8 Ke8 Qd8 Ph7g7f7e7d7c7b7a7 Sg8b8 Rh8a8

PG 14                                   (12+14)

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Kjell Widlert
Kjell Widlert
October 14, 2015 01:21

Switchbacks in proofgames are most interesting when they are capture-free, because then two moves are “wasted ” and you need some special mechanism to motivate that. Here, at least Bf1 makes a capture-free switchback (to allow castling).

October 14, 2015 07:25
Reply to  Kjell Widlert

Sb1 switchback is also capture free.

October 15, 2015 00:40
Reply to  seetharaman

thank you very much

October 15, 2015 00:36

1.c4 d5 – A10 – English Opening,
6 times switchback – QBSrbb – twice capture free (BS) – 33% from all switchback,
I should think so, perfect timing and opening vacuum construstion,
by the way, I am expected assertive comments

October 15, 2015 22:19

The percentage of switchbacks from original pieces presented here is far from the known upper bound – 10/16 with 9 of them which are capture-free (Unto Heinonen R069 Probleemblad 1999):

1.g4 c5 2.g5 Sc6 3.g6 Rb8 g5 5.Sf3 Bh6 6.Rg1 Kf8 7.Rg4 Qe8 8.Rc4 g4 9.e4 g3 10.e5 g2 11.e6 g1R 12.ed Rg3 13.d8Q Bh3 14.b4 B:f1 15.b5 Bh3 16.b6 Bc8 e6 18.a8Q Sge7 19.Qa4 Rhg8 20.h8B Ra8 21.Bd4 Rh8 22.Sa3 Sg8 23.Qf6 Qd8 24.Rb1 Ke8 25.Rb5 Bf8 26.Ra5 b5 27.Sg1 b4 28.Qdf3 b3 29.Qb4 b2 30.Qfb3 b1R 31.f3 Ra1 32.Sb1 Sb8

Btw there is certainly a link between the PGs with switchbacks recently published on this website, and the cancellation of Denkovski MT with exactly the same theme!

Moreover I thought that Julia’s Fairies was devoted to entries containing some fairy elements, that I’m unable to see in such orthodox proof games…