Site Updates 25-291113

Site Updates 25-291113


Updates as of the 25-29th of November, 2013:

  • (29.11) No.441 – Seetharaman K. – Interesting manoeuvres between the white Rook and promoted white piece! 
  • (28.11) No.440 – Gani Ganapathi – The black Wazirs conduct the white Pawns!
  • (28.11) No.439 – Karol Mlynka – Interesting “Rex solus” play!
  • (28.11) No.438 – Boris Shorokhov –  A very fresh idea of Chameleon Rundlauf, through in a bit heavy form. I’m happy to welcome Boris in Original Problems section of Julia’s Fairies!
  • (27.11) No.437 – Paul Rãican –  Another interesting and difficult PG-play with Sentinels.
  • (27.11) No.436 – Paul Rãican –  Exotic positions of the white and black Pawns! PG problem with Sentinels.
  • (26.11) No.435 – János Mikitovics – A surprising final in Ultraschachzwang problem!
  • (25.11) No.434 – Seetharaman K. – Promotions of three nP in a miniature!
  • (25.11) No.433 – Gani Ganapathi – A nice Four-men (Tanagra) with neutral promotions in three files!
  • (25.11) No.432 – Diyan Kostadinov – This fresh problem shows a non-programmed yet fairy condition SneK Chess invented by Diyan and named in honor of his wife, SnejinaDiyan also dedicates his composition to Snejina in the day of her birthday, 25th of November! Congratulations and wishes to have a nice celebration! 

All problems published during September-December, 2013, you can found in the section Julia’sFairies-2013(III) under Original Problems menu on the top.
The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(III)Eric Huber

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