Site Updates-281212

Site Updates-281212


Updates as of 26-28.Dec, 2012:

  • (27.12) A new issue of FairingsFairings 29 – by Chris Feather is added to the Articles page. And one more pearl by Chris I’m happy to publish here – see  No.208 !
  • (27.12) See a nice miniature with 2 e.p. by János Mikitovics – No.207 !
  • (27.12) Peter Harris is unusual as always! – see his problem with a special dedication – No.206 !
  • (26.12) A modification of problem No.202 by Gani Ganapathi  is added – see a joint problem by Gani Ganapathi & K.Seetharaman – No.202.1 ! – 3 solutions, 3 promotions.

Thanks a lot to the authors!

You can click on the Original Problems tab on the top to see the whole list of published problems. Problem numbers are links to the problems – click on any number to see the problem. Standard search using Ctrl+F also works for the list.

I’d like to ask you – if you see anything incorrect in this list, or some problems (or published versions of them) are not included – please let me know! Sometimes I add there new problems with some delay, but before the last record all the other should exist. Thank you!!

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