Site Updates-290912

Site Updates-290912

Updates as of 26-29.Sep, 2012:

  • (29.09) And one more problem by Ioannis Garoufalidis! – see KoBul Kings in  No.139 !
  • (28.09) Welcome to a new author from Greece, Ioannis Garoufalidis! See s#10 problem – No.138.
  • (28.09) Please see my own new problem – No.137, Julia Vysotska. I’ve said many times that I don’t like twins much, but the last time seems like I can’t compose without them! Still, I like this problem myself 🙂
  • (27.09) See a new interesting problem by Michael Grushko – No.136 ! Thanks a lot to the author!
  • (27.09) Happy to get one more problem from “the neighbor”! See No.135 by Mečislovas Rimkus (Lithuania) !
  • (26.09) Enjoy a nice problem by Mario Parrinello – No.134 – my lovely Chameleons, cyclic play, complicated solutions!  Warm welcome to the author!
    And one more thing: Mario Parrinello has just got a title of Grandmaster of the FIDE for Chess Compositions (see 
    55th Meeting of the World Federation for Chess Composition). Congratulation!!

I’d like to remind, that you can click on the Original Problems tab on the top to see the whole list of published problems. Problem numbers are links to the problems – click on any number to see the problem. Standard search using Ctrl+F also works for the list.

  • (27.09) Have added No.1-23 of Fairings by Chris Feather to the Articles page. Thanks to Eric Huber, who kindly has sent me these issues! So, now I have all Fairings as of Sep-2012 !

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