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Updates as of the 29-31st of October, 2013:

  • (31.10) No.410 – Peter Harris – This problem has an uncommon stipulation h##3 and unusual twin the stipulation is changed to h#3.
  • (30.10) No.408, 409 – two problems by Peter Harris408 – the combination of Andernach and Anti-Andernach named also as Super-Andernach together with Chameleon Chess; 409 – a King, a Queen, and three little Orphans! 
  • (29.10) No.407 – Valerio Agostini – A nice orthogonal-diagonal play!

All problems published during September-December, 2013, you can found in the section Julia’sFairies-2013(III) under Original Problems menu on the top.
The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(III)Eric Huber

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