Updates as of the 19-28th of October, 2013:

  • (28.10) No.405,406 – Peter Harris – Two complicated problems as always, but I want to quote some author’s words here: 405 – “The problem I am sending now could not be  made without  using the 3 conditions I have used.” ; 406 – “Is there a curious soul who, midst all the conditions, will enjoy finding the serial moves? But the most important question of all is: Is there a real Fairy Land somewhere?”
  • (27.10) No.404 – Peter Harris – A cheery ensemble of figures on the big diagonal!
  • (27.10) No.403 – Stephan Dietrich – A nice “Marine Aristocrat”!
  • (27.10) No.402 – Semion Shifrin – Rich and interesting strategical play!
  • (26.10) No.401 – Franz Pachl – Very interesting and difficult strategy in 3 phases! 
  • (26.10) No.400 – Julia Vysotska – 2 half-batteries, 2 batteries, 2 pairs of pieces reciprocally change their functions! I congratulate all of us with the 400th original problem published in Original Problems section of Julia’s Fairies!
  • (26.10) No.398, 399 – Peter Harris – Two more problems by Peter creates a series of 6 problems composed during this week ! One Aristocrat problem and one in the opposite – of 9 pieces where 8 of them are pawns!
  • (25.10) No.397 – Peter Harris – Three-man with a bit of surprise ! 
  • (23.10) No.396 – Peter Harris – Very interesting roles of the pawns Pg7/Pg2 !  
  • (23.10) A hint! The idea offered by Peter Harris is to add a “Hint” option for the solution. The hint is given by the author for solvers. I can add it to any publication by your request. The example is a Hint for No.395.
  • (22.10) No.377.1 – Igor Kochulov – An improved version to No.377.
  • (22.10) No.393.1 – Gani Ganapathi & Seetharaman K. – A joint problem, version to No.393.
  • (21.10) No.395 – Peter Harris – An excellent demonstration of many fairy effects in the both solutions! Meredith. 
  • (19.10) No.394 – Peter Harris – Two neutral pieces, two fairy conditions and two solutions! Non-standard problem as always from Peter!
  • (19.10) No.393 – Gani Ganapathi – Model mates, miniature, Lion as blocking piece! 
  • (19.10) No.392, 392.1 – S. K. Balasubramanian – Surprising mates after “flights” of the white King! Take & Make, Locust‘s play.
  • (19.10) No.391 – Pierre Tritten – Very nice light Meredith where the black Queen visits all corners of the board, Take & Make !

All problems published during September-December, 2013, you can found in the section Julia’sFairies-2013(III) under Original Problems menu on the top.
The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(III)Eric Huber

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