Updates as of 27-31.Jul /2012:

  • (31.07) It was very nice to get after some break 2 problems from János Mikitovics! See No.60,61 – miniatures, hs#9!  
  • (28.07) A new version of problem No.52 is added – see No.52.1 by Valerio Agostini! I’m happy to send Valerio’s warm regards to the commentators and friends of the site! Thank you!
  • (27.07) An improved version of No.56 is added as a new joint problem – No.56.1 by two authors: Dieter Müller & Petko A.Petkov.
  • (27.07) See one new problem by Peter  HarrisNo.59. I appreciate his dedication of this problem to Petko Petkov!
  • See the unique h#-book by Christopher Feather BLACK TO PLAY – at the Articles page.
  • The main page of Original problems section contains  a list of all published problems now (a new version of it will come soon!)

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