Updates as of 02-09.Aug /2012:

  • (09.08) 3 new problems are added! Actually, 2 of them I’ve got on 08.08, but late in the evening: No.76 by Peter Harris and No.77 by Seetharaman Kalyan. And the one of today is No.78 by Gabriele Brunori who would like to get your comments to improve his problem!
  • (08.08) Again, 4 new problems are added! Please see: No.72, 73 by  Zoran JanevNo.74 by János MikitovicsNo.75 by Peter Harris. I appreciate your activity a lot!!
  • (07.08) 4 new problems are added! Please see: No.68 by  Peter Harris, No.69 by János Mikitovics, No.70, 71 by Valerio Agostini. Thanks a lot to all authors!!
  • (06.08) See a problem No.67 by Seetharaman Kalyan – composed after comments to  No.63.
  • (06.08) See the improvement of No.34No.34.1 – added by the same authors: Themis Argirakopoulos, Pierre Tritten & S.K.Balasubramanian
  • (05.08) One more new problem by Peter Harris is added – see No.66!
  • (04.08) See new exotic problem by Peter HarrisNo.65 ! Mr.Harris always shows some new fairy condition to learn!
  • (03.08) It’s a pleasure for me to add a problem by one of the first and most active visitors of the site – Seetharaman Kalyan! See a direct mate (a very rare genre here!) with MAO – No.64.
  • (02.08) 2 new problems are added!  First of all – welcome to Gabriele Brunori, Italy! See his problem No.62. The second one is my own, Anti-Andernach, No.63.
  • (02.08) New issue of Fairings by Chris Feather is added to the Articles. See Fairings No.25!
  • See the new design of the main page of Original problems and my post about it! Hope, you like it!
  • See the unique h#-book by Christopher Feather BLACK TO PLAY – at the Articles page.

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