Updates as of 10-15.Aug /2012:

  • (15.08) Welcome to the new author at the site – Jaroslav Štúň, Slovakia! See No.93 – nice miniature, anti-batteries.
  • (15.08) See one new problem by János Mikitovics – No.92 – nice miniature, shows Masand condition.
  • (14-15.08) Please see new problems with KoBul Kings condition by the well-known author from Greece, Emmanuel ManolasNo.88, No.89, No.90, No.91. I believe, you’ll like Emmanuel’s series! Thanks a lot to the author!
  • (14.08) I’m happy to present you a problem by the world-known German authors – No.87 – by Dieter Müller, Franz Pachl & Sven Trommler! Warm welcome and thanks a lot to the all of you!!
  • (14.08) Welcome to the new author from Spain, Luis Miguel Martín! See 2 nice problems: No.85 and No.86.
  • (13.08) 2 new problems by Peter Harris are added – No.83, 84. The second problem, No.84, is dedicated to Hans Gruber to occasion of his Birthday (24.08).
  • (11.08) Welcome to new author, Anatolij Kornilov, Russia! See Anatolij’s first try with ser-hs# problem – No.82!
  • (11.08) I’m very touched about the dedication of No.81 by Peter Harris! Thank you, Peter! – for the problem, for your activity and help!
  • (10.08) Welcome to Antonio Garofalo, Italy!! 2 new problems by Antonio Garofalo are added – No.79, No.80.
  • See the list of published problems on the main page of Original problems and my post about it! Hope, you like it!
  • See the unique h#-book by Christopher Feather BLACK TO PLAY – at the Articles page.

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