Some info – 27.01.2013

Some info – 27.01.2013

jv-greenMy dear visitors, this post is about some absolutely different things.. and nothing too serious!

Firstly, I’d like to show you (in case if it is not that visible) the Search option on the top part of the right menu. It doesn’t searches inside the comments, but it does the search inside pages and posts. So, if you’re looking for some term or author’s name or anything also, you can enter it in the Search field and press OK button near it to get the results. All results – pages and posts which contain your searching phrase – will be shown on one screen, one after another. Maybe in some cases it can be helpful.

Secondly, Forum. It is not active, but still if you write something there – it is visible in the right part of any screen of the site, and as I can see – most of visitors read all new comments, including comments in the Forum. So, you can show any your problem there if you like, or add the announcement of some tourney (including orthodox) etc. You can also see number of views for any topic in the Forum. 

Thirdly, about published problems. I can also see the statistic about views of any published problem (actually – a page with published problems). If you’re interested in a number of views of your problem – write me – and I will send you this number. For now, number of  views for published problem varies from 100 till 480 in average.  

And some entertainment at the end – I’ve added some pictures with a prizes for the tournaments I’ve had – many-many sweets and diplomas prepared! I’ve done these photos for my own memory as for me it was quite unusual and great experience. But maybe you’ll like to see them as well! See SWEETS as a Prizes of  Julia’sFairies 1st T.T HSP-2012 (see also Award); and CHOCOLATES as a Prizes of Christmas Blitz-Tourney JF-2012 (see the Award)! 🙂

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January 27, 2013 20:03

Nice photos. Hm…. I see the photos of printed diplomas also. Does it mean, I get a printed copy also ? 🙂

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