Site Updates-130213

Site Updates-130213


Updates as 04-13.Feb, 2013:

  • (13.02) No.251 János Mikitovics – A nice mixed AUW theme and author’s first problem with KoBul Kings condition! Congratulations!
  • (12.02) No.170.1 Kenneth H. M. Solja – An improved version of the problem No.170 published in 2012!
  • (10.02) No.250 Geoff Foster – A nice four-men with “ANI”-solutions!
  • (09.02) No.249 Julia Vysotska – My own miniature, pin of neutral mating pieces!
  • (07.02) No.247, 248 – Two joint problems with Andernach condition by Vito Rallo  & Emmanuel Manolas!
  • (07.02) No.246 – One more s#n problem by János MikitovicsА miniature that is difficult to solve!
  • (04.02) No.244, 245 – Two s#n problems by János MikitovicsDiametral  Circe in the one; and surprising finals in another. Thanks to the author!

You can see, that now there are two sections under the Original Problems top menu: Julia’sFairies-2012 with all problems of the year 2012; Julia’sFairies-2013(I) which will contain the problems of January-April, 2013. The judge for informal fairy tourney 2013(I)Juraj Brabec

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