Submit a problem for JF

Submit a problem for JF

Dear composers, I would like to present to you a special form I’ve made to submit a problem for JF:

It can be found in the JF PROBLEMS top menu and also by the button as above placed on the top of the page.

No, for now this is not the only way to submit your problem, the email submissions are also accepted as before. But, please, If you send your submission by email to me, please take care about including the information from this form.  

I have to tell to all of you, I hardly can manage to keep doing all my projects. Chess composition related projects, growing amount of my primary office work, plus a new family member – a young Arabian Akila. If I want to keep JF up and running, I need either somebody’s help or more efficient work. For now I hope that all of you would help me to make the publication of your problems faster. The efficiency of the publications depends on you!

The 7 problems published on Saturday, 30-sep, took me the whole day. But it could be just 1-2 hours if no questions to composers, complications, manual work almost with each of them and with those in the waiting list.

Please care about your entries, and I will try to do my best to publish them faster! – Julia

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