Originals October 2023

Originals October 2023

JF Original Problems | October, 2023

The judge of JF-2023: K. Seetharaman
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2023-2024: Thierry Le Gleuher

JF’s waiting list (to be published in October): Henri Nouguier, James Malcom & Andrew Buchanan, Paul Rãican, Ya’aqov Mintz & Hans Gruber, Menachem Witztym, Georgy Evseev & Boris Shorokhov, Gerhard Maleika

The order of publication might be not the same as in the waiting list: the problems correctly sent using the submission form, easy to test and to animate, C+, without additional questions to composers will go first.

  • (22.10) No.1773 (#6 ; Madrasi) – S.N.Ravi Shankar – “Inspired by Werner Keym, Die Schwalbe, 2016 (V)” (SNRS).
  • (22.10) No.1772 (ser-h=8 ; ChecklessChess) – Zoltán Laborczi – “4 lion promotions” (ZL).

Thanks a lot to all composers in the list below for using the submission form and making my work much faster! ❤

  • (22.10) No.1771 (pser-s#7 ; AntiCirce) – Kjell Widlert“I have been experimenting with more thematically interesting parry-series-selfmates than we usually see in magazines these days. I wasn’t completely unhappy when I found this.” (KW)
    Normally I don’t publish several problems of the same composer in a row. But Kjell is always an exception!
  • (22.10) No.1770 (-15 & S#1 Proca Retractor ; Circe Assassin) – Vlaicu Crişan & Paul Răican – “Two draw pendulums in Proca Circe Assassin” (VC&PR)
  • (22.10) No.1769 (h#2 ; Neutral piece) – Kjell Widlert“…. just to let the black K through” (KW)
  • (22.10) No.1768 (h#2 ; Neutral piece ; Take&Make) – Ralf Danckafter Georgy Evseev [No. 1761]
  • (22.10) No.1766.1 (hs#4) – Nikola Petković & Georgy Evseev – A result of joint effort, an improvement to no.1766, published on the same page.
  • (08.10) No.1767 (hs#3.5 ; NAO, PAO, VAO) – Georgy Evseev – Yet another test of the submission form! And more than that!
  • (08.10) No.1766 (hs#4) – Nikola Petković – I am always glad to see new composers on JF! And here it is, another problem I give a priority today, welcoming Nikola in Original problems section of JF and thanking for his first submission nicely done!
  • (08.10) No.1765 (Mixed #3) – N.Shankar Ram – Similar to JF 1760, Mixed stipulation not programmed in Popeye/WinChloe. I gladly publish this problem out of the order as Shankar was the first one who had tested the submission form! Thank you for the support, Shankar!

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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