Originals September 2023

Originals September 2023

JF Original Problems | September, 2023

The judge of JF-2023: K. Seetharaman
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2023-2024: Thierry Le Gleuher

JF’s waiting list (to be published in October): Henri Nouguier, James Malcom & Andrew Buchanan, Paul Rãican, Ya’aqov Mintz & Hans Gruber, Zoltán Laborczi, S.N.Ravi Shankar, Menachem Witztym, Georgy Evseev & Boris Shorokhov

The order of publication might be not the same as in the waiting list: the problems easy to test and to animate, C+, and those without additional questions to composers will go first.

  • (30.09) No.1764 (#2 ; Paralyzing piece, PAO, VAO, Antelope) – Peter Gvozdják“Pioneer example of the 5-fold Odessa theme…” (PG)
  • (30.09) No.1763 (s==9 ; Royal Grasshopper, Nightrider ; SAT) – Neal Turner “What makes these sequences special is that they don’t involve the usual captures…” (NT)
  • (30.09) No.1762 (h#2.5 ; Berolina Pawn) – Andrew Kalotay & Jorge Kapros & Jorge Lois & János Mikitovics – Unusually big group of composers! Unfortunatelly, Jorge Kapros (1955-2023) is no longer with us.
  • (30.09) No.1761 (h#2 ; Neutral Grasshopper ; Take&Make) – Georgy Evseev“This is, I think, an original T&M post-mate switchback effect.” (GE)
  • (30.09) No.1760 (Mixed hs#7) – N.Shankar Ram“Mixed HS#N not programmed in WinChloe and Popeye.” (NSR).
  • (30.09) No.1759 (h#2 ; Circe, Madrasi) – S. K. Balasubramanian“Subtle Madrasi effect on the mating move.” (SKB)
  • (30.09) No.1758 (hs#5 ; Anda) – Vlaicu Crişan“Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fully test this composition: Popeye and Jacobi don’t know Anda, while Winchloe is too slow.” (VC)
  • (13.09) No.1757 (-11 & s#1 Proca ; Anti-Circe Calvet ; PAO) – Klaus Wenda“The problem is a dedication to the 75. birthday of my German friend Hanspeter Suwe on 13.9.” (KW)

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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