Update to My Problems 080912

Update to My Problems 080912

Update to My Problems (3)!

(08.09) Have added 4 more problems to the list in My Problems section – problem No.14problem No.15problem No.16problem No.17. Now I have all problems composed in 2011 in this list.

Few words about the format:

  • the list of problems is shown as a table, where you see problem No. in the first column and a small diagram to get an idea if you wish to look at that problem or not at all! 🙂  The both – problem No. and diagram – are the links to the problem, so you can click on them to see the page with it. 
  • on each page with published problem you can see the second number in a format /99NNN/ – this is a number in ankona database, you can click on it to see how the problem looks there. My published problems in ankona are marked as “public” – so everyone can view them, but [EDIT] option is shown and allowed to the author only.

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