Update to My Problems

Update to My Problems

Update to My Problems !

(01.09) 1 more problem is added to My Problems section. You can see it by direct link also – my problem No.9.

(31.08)Have added 3 more problems to my list in My Problems section. I hope, I haven’t done any mistakes when trying to do everything faster. Please let me know if any link doesn’t work. Thanks!!

(30.08) When created a site, I’ve planned to add my published problems here. But with all other activities never had time. Now I’ve decided at least to start!

For now the very first 5 my published problems (4 of them are orthodox helpmates) are added in My Problems section. Hopefully, I will add all the problems in 2-3 weeks. Most likely, I’m the most interested person in this section. It is my memory.. and seems like several first problems for me are the most meaningful. I have written some comments to them. And could write much more! 🙂 The fact is that I remember the time of composing them much better, than for some recent problems I have. I believe, it is the same for many of you.. Or?

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Juraj Lörinc
August 30, 2012 16:51

I found the list of my own compositions (at CCM) to be an excellent reference point in any net conversations. Unfortunately the section was not update for a long time. Maybe next year…

Dmitri Turevski
Dmitri Turevski
August 30, 2012 18:26
Reply to  Juraj Lörinc

And that’s a shame, Juraj! I have used to find your comments on fairy problems most helpful, not to say enlightening. Excellent job on Olympics tourney!

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