Welcome at JF-2015!

Welcome at JF-2015!


Dear Friends,

On the first day of the New Year, 2015, I wish you a happy and successful year! And as always, you’re welcome here, on JF! This year I’ve decided keep to split the  informal tourney for fairy problems published on Julia’s Fairies website into 2 periods and independent tourneys: 
I – January-June, II – July-December

You’re welcome to participate in the first informal tournament this year – JF-2015/I, January-June!
Any fairy problem can participate, and I’m here for you to publish it as soon as I can, hopefully in 1-2 days.

k-prentosI’m happy to announce the judge of this period – Kostas Prentos – prominent composer and solver, FM in composition, IM in solving, International Judge. Kostas composes mostly proof games and fairy problems. Warm welcome to Kostas!

Good luck to all of us in 2015! – Julia

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