The 1st Thematic Tourney by

Julia’s Fairies


Closed on 15-Oct-2012!

I’m so much happy to tell you that 64 problems by 39 authors from 20 countries are submitted to the tourney! I appreciate your efforts a lot and I’m so thankful to all participants! I wish to all of you to be successful there!!

You can see a list of participants here! I hope that everything is right, but in case if you’ve sent an entry to me and haven’t find yourself in this list – please, let me know!

The Award will be published on Julia’s Fairies site in December of 2012. Also, it will be sent by email to all participants. Same as you, I will be waiting for it a lot! And I hope that the winners will get the sweets by Christmas!

RULES: Help-self problems (HSP) of any possible types: Help-self mates (HS#), HS=, HS==, HR#, HR=, etc.
in any number of moves.

THEME: Battery-play with fairy elements

JUDGE: IGM Petko A. Petkov – International Judge of FIDE 

→The announcement…

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10 Responses to JF-HSP-2012-Closed

  1. SeetharamanSeetharaman says:

    Good. Nice round figure of 64 !

  2. SeetharamanSeetharaman says:

    Perhaps a list of participating composers will be interesting for us and useful confirmation for them !

  3. Kenneth Solja says:

    I agree with Seetharaman.

    Julia’s Fairies first thematical tourney has got almost all top composers and few less famous composers like me 🙂
    I’m honoured to be in same tourney with these top composers … Let’s see what happens..

  4. Diyan Kostadinov says:

    I am so happy for you Julia – the tourney looks very succesfull with so many great composers and I believe many great compositions, which is result of your hard work on this nice website, which is very interesting and useful!

    • JuliaJulia says:

      Diyan, thank you! I’m so happy myself! So many warm words, so great support of the tourney! I just can’t find more words to tell what I feel! I wish to all participants to be the same happy!!

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