Karol Mlynka 70 JT

of Karol Mlynka 70 Jubilee Tourney C 11.08.2014

Theme: Cyclic change of defense motifs or harmful effects.
Section A – orthodox, section B – fairy. Any stipulations, conditions and fairy pieces are allowed.
Closing date: August 11th 2014.
The judge will be the jubilant.
Entries should be sent preferably via email: karol.mlynka@pobox.sk with the remark KM70JT or snail mail to:
Karol Mlynka, Wolkrova 3, 85101 Bratislava 5, Slovakia.
Prizes, Honourable Mentions and Commendations.                                                           → See full announcement with examples!

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4 Responses to Karol Mlynka 70 JT

  1. shankar ram says:

    Hmm.. the first ever WCCT in 1975 had an A1 or A2 theme as cyclic shift of black defence motives.. which was won by Lacny with a blockbuster showing a 5 fold shift..
    This TT seems to be for both motives as well as weaknesses..

  2. Once upon a time there was the 5th TT CCM dedicated to fairy problems with cyclic change of defence motifs: http://www.jurajlorinc.com/chess/ccm5tt_o.htm

    Also in the Karol Mlynka 60 JT ten years ago there were quite a few fairy twomovers shown.

    Note that in the KM 70 JT all stipulations are allowed, so that e.g. s#2 or #3 would be almost automatically original. Or r#2, like this one: http://www.jurajlorinc.com/chess/m261_269.htm#uloha1

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