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No.36 – composed 30-Mar-2012 – This is the 4th and the last problem I had for KoBulChess-TT-2012. This one is really nothing special. One of those which are like a toys for me. Although the idea is interesting (I believe), the realization is not so good, and 2 solutions instead of setplay might be better here, but.. Well, this problem didn’t get anything and later was the 1st problem I’ve published in just created Original problems section of this site.  (This problem is also shown on the site in my Thematic issue Ideas with KoBul Kings)

99787 /

Julia Vysotska

Julia’s Fairies – 2012, No.1

h#2,5*                             3+4
KoBul Kings
Royal Piece Se2 


Setplay: 1… … 2.Sf7 f5 3.Bf4 rSxf4 [brK=rB] #
– not 4.rBxf3(wrS=wK)?? – self-check!!

Real play: 1…rSd4 2.Sg4 rSf5 3.Bf6 fxg4 [brK=rS] #
– not 4.rSxf4(wrS=wK)?? – self-check!!

The black King in the rB/rS phases can’t capture the white pawns f3/f4 because it transforms white rS into the King phase giving the self-check.
Sacrifices of the black S/B with the transformation of the black King.

3 Responses to JV problem No.36

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    It is a very nice problem with change of functions of B/S and different transformation of the black king. The setplay form is also fine. It didnt get any award probably because it was strong tourney with many good entries including two of yours !

    • JuliaJulia says:

      Thanks! Really, this one is more like a scheme, showing one of possibilities of KoBul Kings condition. It could be better used as educational example, than an entry to the tourney! 🙂 Too few of thematic in it.
      On the other hand, I see there’re no comments at all for No.26 (which I considered a very good one), but the case maybe is that it is in contrary too complicated?

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