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No.26 – finished at the end of January,2012 – I’d say, this is a step forward after No.25! AndernachChess and Chameleons in HS-problem. I believe, that Chameleon is not only my favorite piece, but also the one I have the best problems with. But this is my personal view, of course.

This is a task problem, and this is the one I’ve composed for Olympic Tourney. It doesn’t got anything there, maybe because of twinning, maybe because of many much better problems. I think I didn’t regret about it much only because too long time have passed from the composing time till the results of the Tourney – I’ve already switched to the other things. So, there’re also positive moments in some delays which happen in chess composition! 🙂  Although, in general, I prefer a faster results, faster publication, faster comments.. etc. – as I believe that it is not for me only, that the one has more interest and feelings to his own problem when it is recently composed.

Anyway, I still like this problem, and like to see it published!

99758 /

Julia Vysotska

StrateGems – 2012, No.60 (oct-dec.2012), FB1211
1st Hon.men.

hs#3                                7+11
b) Black Chameleon Qf3
Andernach Chess
Chameleon Bf3
Grasshoppers: b6, h1
Nightrider e4


a) 1.g4 cBxg4=wcR 2.cRg6=cQ Ng5 + 3.cQe6=cS + Qxe6=wQ # (not 3…Nxe6=wN? – self-check!)

b) 1.g3 cQxg3=wcS 2.cSf5=cB Qg8 + 3.cB8=cR + Nxc8=wN # (not 3…Qxc8=wQ? – self-check!)

Masked black battery play Q,N/G with the opening of battery line by white pawn and black chameleon(cB/cQ).

Self-pins with thematic change of color of the pinned piece. Model mates.

Task-problem as four pieces – Q, N, Chameleon(B/Q), Pg2 – open the line for the black Gh1.

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Bartel Erich
Bartel Erich
July 2, 2015 16:01

–>PDB P1304980

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