Site Updates-250712

Updates as of 23-25.Jul /2012:

  • (25.07) Nice miniature by Peter Harris, No.58, is added to PAGE-21!
  • (25.07) It’s nice to see  again at the site 2 authors – S. K. Balasubramanian and Pierre Tritten – with their joint problem – No.57PAGE-21.
  • (24.07) 4 new problems are added today! I’m very happy to welcome at the site Václav Kotěšovec and Dieter Müller! And thankful to Peter Harris, who continue to support the site! Please see a very interesting problems: No.53 & No.54  by V.Kotěšovec (PAGE-20), No.55 by P.Harris and No.56 by D.Müller (PAGE-21).
  • (23.07) Welcome to the new author at the site – Valerio Agostini, Italy! See 2 problems by Mr.Agostini – No.51 & No.52 – on PAGE-20! Thank you for participating in the tourney and in this section! 
  • (23.07) One more new problem by Peter Harris  is added to PAGE-19. See No.50! – I’m very pleased to see this number! Thanks a lot to Mr.Harris and to all of you!!
  • The main page of Original problems section contains  a list of all published problems now.

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