The judge of JF-2015-II

OferComayI’m happy to announce the judge of informal tournament JF-2015/II – Ofer Comay – a problem composer of all genres, and a former world champion in chess solving. Ofer is also known for his theoretical contribution in end-game study theory and he is the author of one of the first chess problem solving program (CS) in the early 80’s.

In the last years Ofer is focused on fairies and helpmates. He is also involved in other projects – a co-founder of a software company and the author of the popular science book “Science or Fiction?” which, in short, tries to show to every science amateur that a central part of the standard model of particle physics is a bluff… Ofer has three children and two cute grandsons.

 Warm welcome to Ofer!


You’re welcome to participate in the second informal tournament of this year – JF-2015/II, July-December!
Any fairy problem can participate, and I’m here for you to publish it faster. – Julia

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3 Responses to The judge of JF-2015-II

  1. shankar ram says:

    The book seems interesting!
    Here’s a review by Gady Costeff (familiar name!):

  2. peter harris says:

    Good news about your JF-2015/II judge. Well done. Both you and Ofer are lucky.

    So we must send you some nice problems – to make his judging difficult!

    [I smiled when I read that Ofer’s grandsons are “cute”. Dear Julia: all grandsons are! – but it is nice that you said so].

  3. JuliaJulia says:

    …So we must compose nice problems – to make Ofer’s judging enjoyable! 🙂
    Thank you, Peter!
    I have 7 original problems in the waiting list for now.. Please let me publish them slower during a few weeks as otherwise I can’t find time to prepare 3 awards of JF-2014 for publication.
    The priority in publication of original problems I’ll give to the new authors and authors with less number of publications on JF. But all problems from the list will be published, of course!
    Thank you for your wonderful activity and for your patience as well! – Julia

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