My published problems as of Feb-2014

My published problems as of Feb-2014

jv-feb2014-3Some more of my published problems…

Some of my recently published problems are finally added to My Problems section: 

Two problems composed yet in November of 2012:

No.75 – finished 26-Nov-2012 – Chinese pieces in HS# problem, Dentist, neutral promotions (Шахматная композиция – 2013)
No.76 – finished 02-Dec-2012 – Reciprocal play of neutral MAO and MOA – one gives mate, another one pins a mating piece! (The Problemist Supplement – 2013)

Marine problem from June’2013:

No.86 – Running JF Marine TT 2013 I wanted to compose something with Marine pieces as well! The main idea was a play of black Marine pieces MS/SI, and it took me about a month (The 3rd FIDE World Cup in Composing 2013, G-Fairies; 1st HM)

Three problems from autumn’2013, all inspired by Zabunov TT 2013 (the same as my No.400), with different transformations of initial batteries:

No.98 – October,2013 – Black half-battery transforms into two new Locust-specific batteries (KoBulChess – 2013, No.259)
No.99 – October,2013 – My lovely Chameleons in transformation of a black half-battery. I believe this is one of the best Chameleon-problems I have (Шахматная композиция – 2013)
No.102 – 03-Nov-2013 – Transformation of neutral half-battery, using Take&Make condition (StrateGems – 2014)

And November’s toy, miniature with Chameleons:

No.103 – 08-Nov-2013 – Light miniature, funny play of two neutral Chameleons, who jump away from their lines to return back in a new guise! (VARIANTIM – 2013)

Hope, you’ll like some of them! Thanks! – Julia

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