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No.32 – finished 14-Mar-2012 – This is the last one from the series of 3 problems (also No.30No.31)  with a nice chinese horses MAO and MOA. Zilahi, sacrifices, pins, neutral batteries, and also a long time to find the optimal position of the white King and neutral R to make it work. 

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Julia Vysotska

Tehtäväniekka – 2012, No.2/2012, #3844

h#2,5      2 solutions    2+7+5
Mao b7; Moa b3
Vao b6; Pao a4 


(I) 1…nRg1 2.Sa8 nRa1 3.S×b6 nPA×a1‡

(II) 1…nRg8 2.Sc3 nRd8 3.S×a4 nVA×d8‡

  • Zilahi; 
  • selfblocks with simultaneous selfpins of black Sa2/Sc7;
  • change of functions of Sa2 and Sc7;
  • neutral battery VA-MA / PA-MO play with sacrifice of neutral R for VA/PA move; 
  • change of functions of nMOA-b3 and nMAO-b7.

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